Everyone has a price?

I recently read Hal Steinbrenner from the Yankees had made a comment in reference to CC Sabathia coming to the East Coast, that everyone has a price. Sad if that is the case. I understand that many players are looking for the big contract that will set them up for life, but when is it enough? One million per year, one hundred million? Where does it end? Will paying someone more money really boost them up as a leader or bring them down? Take CC or any player out of the equation and think about this. Where did the Yankees end up last year? Did they win it all with a larger payroll? I still say put a team on the field that is hungry and loves the game, pay them a fair amount like “real” life and I will watch and enjoy it much more. Put over priced, pampered players on the field and they expect to win without the effort. You work hard, you succeed. Pay a dishwasher one million dollars per year and he will be most likely more interested in looking out the back door at his new car than keeping the dishes clean. The focus for too many of the players are no longer on winning games and playing as a team. It’s who has the biggest contract and who gets the most attention. Call it old school, call it out dated, call it what is. A player who chases the big bucks may never get the ultimate prize in his sport, if he goes back to remember the joy he had in his youth and the Love of the game he had, you can not put a price on that!